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DC Plug C 2.1 x 5.5mm
175,4 175,4 175.4 GYD
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Keyboard with Joystick for CCTV
31.000,0 31.000,0 31000.0 GYD
Support Network control model, It has unique IP address. Support ONVIF protocol, realize the control to PTZ. Support Auto-search the ONVIF devices in LAN. Support Offline search & add devices. Support control IP PTZ to call and set Presets, zoom, focus, Iris, Wiper and Tour functions....etc. Support adding the front-end equipment’s parameter in IE Browser. 160x32 blue LED displayer, can display IP PTZ’s status info
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System CCTV Cable Connector
3.000,0 3.000,0 3000.0 GYD
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CCTV Power Supply Adaptor
7.000,0 7.000,0 7000.0 GYD
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