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Cordless Blower
3.509,0 3.509,0 3509.0 GYD
No-load speed:0-9000/0-18000rpm
Max.air volume:2.7m³/min
NO battery and charger included
Packed by color box
Demolition Breaker
35.088,0 35.088,0 35088.0 GYD
Input power:1700W
Impact rate:1400bmp
Impact force:45J
HEX chuck system
16Kgs demolation breaker
With 2pcs chisels
Digital AC Clamp Meter 600V
4.386,0 4.386,0 4386.0 GYD
6000 Counts
Data Hold
AC Current : 60A/600A/1000A±(2.0% +6)
AC Voltage : 60mV/600mV/6V/60V/600V±(0.8% +3) 750V±(1% +4)
DC Voltage : 60mV/600mV/6V/60V/600V±(0.7% +3) 1000V±(0.8% +2)
Resistance : 600Ω/6kΩ/60kΩ/600kΩ/6MΩ±(0.8% +3) 60MΩ±(1.2% +3)
Capacitance : 10nF/100nF/1000nF/10?F/100?F/1000?F/10mF/100mF±(4.0% +5)
Frequency : 0~ 10KHz ±(1.5% +5)
Flash Light
Digital Clamp Meter
10.526,0 10.526,0 10526.0 GYD
Gasoline Grass Trimmer
24.561,0 24.561,0 24561.0 GYD
Rated power:1.25Kw(2HP)
Max speed:9000rpm
Max cutting path:420mm
Spool liner:2.4mmx4m
Blade diameter:255mm(3teeth)
Fuel tank capacity:1200ml
Powerful 2-stroke motor
With 2 function:trimmer and cutter
Air cooled engine,single cylinder
With Line spool TGTLS2545
Bush cutter blade TGTBCB95
Heat Gun UTB20036
3.632,0 3.632,0 3632.0 GYD
Input power:2000W
Airflow:300/500 L/min
With 1pcs scraper and 3pcs nozzles
Hydraulic Crimping tool
8.684,0 8.684,0 8684.0 GYD
Crimping range:Cu 4-70mm2
Crimping force: 45KN
Crimping type: hexagon crimping
Stroke: 11mm
Length: approx.310mm
Weight: approx.1.80kg
Weight of box: 1.1kg
Crimping dies: 4,6,8,10,16,25,35,50,70mm2
Sealing O-ring: one set
Hydraulic Steel Cutter
14.474,0 14.474,0 14474.0 GYD
Model no:THSC022
Cutting:capacity 4-22mm
Clamp size Stroke: 24mm
Length Approx:480mm
Max. force:100kN
Suitable for:22mm Cutter Blades
Jet Pump
30.702,0 30.702,0 30702.0 GYD
Automatic Self-priming Jet Pump
Output power:750W(1HP)
Max. flow:60L/min
Max. suction:9M
Pipe diameter:1"x1"
Copper wire motor
Brass impeller
0.15m length cable
1pcs 24L cylindrical tank
1pcs pressure switch
1pcs stainless steel hose
1pcs pressure gauge
1pcs brass 3-way
Magnetic Lock Combination Sq
3.860,0 3.860,0 3860.0 GYD
Model no:TMT653005
Material:Holder: Zinc alloy, Ruler: Stainless steel
Length:300mm (12")
Plastering Trowel (Comb) SML
404,0 404,0 404.0 GYD
Carbon steel
Packed by label
Plastering Trowel SML
386,0 386,0 386.0 GYD
Carbon steel
Packed by label
Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
15.789,0 15.789,0 15789.0 GYD
Robotic Vacuum (Random Style)
Random Style - The Random Cleaning Path
Product size (D * H): φ300 x 75mm
Vacuum pressure: 500 ~ 800 Pa
Working time: 50 ~ 70 min
Charging time: 3 ~ 5H
2000mAh lithium battery
For dry cleaning only
Charging volts: 110V-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz
Safety Goggles (Welding)
263,0 263,0 263.0 GYD
Model no:TSP307
Dark shade:8
Material:Polycarbonate (PC)
Range of application: Suitable for Welding
Safety Helmet (Yellow)
596,0 596,0 596.0 GYD
Safety Helmet(Orange)
596,0 596,0 596.0 GYD
Saw Chain
2.982,0 2.982,0 2982.0 GYD
Tile Cutter
6.228,0 6.228,0 6228.0 GYD
600mm Tile cutter
1.Max cutting length:600mm
2.Max cutting thickness:12mm
3.Steel base size:815x195cm
4.Thickness of the base: 2mm
5.With 2 pcs Tungsten carbide blade
Blade size:16x6x3mm
6.Multi-function:direct line cutting, diagonal line cutting
7.Diameter of sliding bar:19mm
Tool Box
7.018,0 7.018,0 7018.0 GYD
3 layers
Steel thickness:0.6~0.8mm
Tool Vest
3.509,0 3.509,0 3509.0 GYD
Size: 42x60x3cm
Air mesh material
Max load:3kg
Multiple use compartments for all storage needs
With 12 pockets and 1 pcs hammer holder
Adjustable shoulder straps and waist size