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3/8 Corrugated Steel Rods (6 Meters) -MS
570.2 570.2 570.2 GYD
In Stock
1/2" Corrugated Steel Rods (6 Meters) - MS
1,064.9 1,064.9 1064.9 GYD
Out of Stock
1/2" Corrugated Steel Rods 20ft - MS
1,169.0 1,169.0 1169.0 GYD
166 Rods per Bundle
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5/8 Corrugated Steel Rods (6 Meters) -MS
1,620.7 1,620.7 1620.7 GYD
Out of Stock
Regular Gypsum Boards
1,877.2 1,877.2 1877.2 GYD
The Light Rey® light gypsum board has a fireproof core essentially made of gypsum, covered on both sides with 100% recycled paper.

The paper on its sides covers the entire length of the beveled edges of the board for greater strength and protection of the core. The edges are carefully ground in a square cut.
In Stock
Waterproof Gypsum Boards
2,350.9 2,350.9 2350.9 GYD
Guard Rey® and Guard Rey X® mold resistant drywall, made by Panel Rey®, are specially designed to provide protection against the growth of mold and microscopic fungi that is hazardous to your health. The Guard Rey® resistant drywall is formed essentially by a fireproof core made of gypsum, which is specially treated to be waterproof and has been treated with biocide to limit the development of colonies of microorganisms. In this way, it limits the absorption of moisture from the environment. Both of its sides are covered with 100% recycled paper. This protects both, the front and the back of the product.

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Construction plastic clear 10ftx100ft
5,600.0 5,600.0 5600.0 GYD
Out of Stock
5/8 Barama Plywood
5,740.0 5,740.0 5740.0 GYD
Out of Stock
1/2" Permabase Cement Board 4' x 8'
8,500.0 8,500.0 8500.0 GYD
Out of Stock
4"x19' SCH-40 PVC Pressure Pipe
9,566.6 9,566.6 9566.6 GYD
In Stock
6"x19' SCH-40 PVC Pressure Pipe
16,834.5 16,834.5 16834.5 GYD
In Stock