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BNC Male to Twist On Connector
160,0 160,0 160.0 GYD
In Stock
Cisco 16 Port Switch
14.000,0 14.000,0 14000.0 GYD
Out of Stock
Cisco 24 Port Switch
21.000,0 21.000,0 21000.0 GYD
In Stock
Linksys E1200 Wireless N-Router
10.000,0 10.000,0 10000.0 GYD
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Linksys LGS310C 8Port Managed Gigabit Switch 2 1G SFP
21.500,0 21.500,0 21500.0 GYD
Gigabit Ethernet Switch is designed for business-class security and speed with 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 1-Gigabit SFP uplinks.
- 2x SFP 1GB uplink ports, Static Routing,
IGMP Multicast,802.1q VLAN Tagging, Access Control List (ACL),
802.1x Radius Authentication, Port Mirroring, link Aggregation,
Port Security, 802.1p QoS, Bandwidth and Storm Control
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Linksys LGS310MPC 8 Port Managed POE+ GE Switch 2 1GB SFP
42.000,0 42.000,0 42000.0 GYD
The Linksys LGS310MPC 8-Port Managed Gigabit PoE+ Switch is designed for business-class management,
security, speed, and quality of service with 8 Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ ports and 110W of total PoE power budget.

- 110W PoE+budget,2x SFP 1GB uplink ports, Static Routing, IGMP Multicast, 802.1q VLAN Tag, Access control list(ACL)
802.1*Radius Authentication, Port Mirroring, Link Aggregation, Port Security,802.1p QoS, Bandwidth and Storm control
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Nexxt Cable Stripper Cutter
1.551,7 1.551,7 1551.7 GYD
In Stock
Nexxt Deluxe Lan Tester
7.327,6 7.327,6 7327.6 GYD
In Stock
Nexxt Desktop Switch 16 port
7.000,0 7.000,0 7000.0 GYD
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Nexxt Patch Cord CAT6 7ft Red
1.034,5 1.034,5 1034.5 GYD
In Stock
Nexxt Patch Cord Cat6 3ft Blue
775,9 775,9 775.9000000000001 GYD
In Stock
Nexxt Patch Cord Cat6 3ft Red
775,9 775,9 775.9000000000001 GYD
In Stock
Nexxt RJ45 CAT6
3.800,0 3.800,0 3800.0 GYD
In Stock
Nexxt UPT Cat5 Cable (foot)
35,0 35,0 35.0 GYD
In Stock
RJ45 Jack
26,0 26,0 26.0 GYD
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34,5 34,5 34.5 GYD
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SonicWall TZ400 01-SSC-0213
184.000,0 184.000,0 184000.0 GYD
- Flexible security solution that offers a unified security solution to small to mid-size organizations
- Blocks malware and zero-day threats with both on-box and cloud-based Advanced Threat Prevention
- Zero-Touch Deployment allows for easy configuration and management, all accessible through the cloud
- Built on a multi-core parallel-processing hardware architecture featuring gigabit Ethernet ports,
SonicWall TZ400 and TZ400W firewalls deliver high-speed deep packet inspection firewall performance.
The TZ Series uses single-pass, stream-based inspection technology to deliver latency-free performance
for deep packet inspection of simultaneous network streams.
In Stock
Trend net Professional Crimp Tool
8.620,0 8.620,0 8620.0 GYD
In Stock