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Werner 6 ft Fiberglass Step Ladder 250-LB
30,701.8 30,701.8 30701.800000000003 GYD
Versatile lightweight step ladder that is Pinch-Proof spreaders and slip-resistant steps for safety. Fiberglass frame and aluminum rungs provide a strong and sturdy structure. The #1 brand in professional climbing equipment.
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Werner Aluminum 2 FT ladder 300-LB
13,157.9 13,157.9 13157.900000000001 GYD
Lightweight and portable with a strong and sturdy structure. Slip-resistant, TRACTION-TRED steps for safety. The #1 brand in professional climbing equipment
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Aluminum 8ft Step Ladder
26,315.8 26,315.8 26315.800000000003 GYD
Load capacity step ladder for maximum productivity. Werner ladder exclusive multi-functional Holster Top secures tools. Double-riveted, slip-resistant TRACTION-TRED steps for safety. Weather-resistant for outdoor use. The #1 brand in professional climbing equipment
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Total Double Open End Spanner Set
7,456.1 7,456.1 7456.1 GYD
12 Pieces double open end spanner set. Fine polished, easy to use and goes where you go. The total double open end spanner set is strong and durable and could handle any job.
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Dewalt 15 AMP 7-1/4- in Saw
35,087.7 35,087.7 35087.700000000004 GYD
The DWE575 7-1/4" Lightweight Circular Saw is among the lightest saws in its class at only 8.8 lbs. 15 Amp motor is powerful enough for the toughest applications. Bevel capacity of 57° and 2-9/16" depth of cut capacity provide versatility.
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Werner Aluminum 16ft Extension Ladder
30,701.8 30,701.8 30701.800000000003 GYD
Aluminum frame makes it strong and secure. Lightweight, twist-proof, Slip-resistant TRACTION-TRED D-rung steps for safety. 16 steps provide access to hard-to-reach areas.
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Werner Aluminum 24 FT Ladder
46,491.2 46,491.2 46491.200000000004 GYD
The Werner 24 ft. Aluminum Extension Ladder boasts a duty rating of 225 lbs. as well as interlocking side rails. Made with safety in mind, the TRACTION-TRED D-rungs are slip resistant, while the spring-loaded locks ensure smooth, easy operation
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Diesel Duct Tape
789.5 789.5 789.5 GYD
Size 45 Yards, 0.15mm*48mm
Color Silver
Compatible Material Wood, Glass, Plastic
Great stretch and conformability to hold tightly around corners, bends and curves
Hand tearable duct tape for quick application at home or on the construction site
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Diesel Tools 3/4 HP Water Pump
8,771.9 8,771.9 8771.9 GYD
Non-submersible 110V 2-Pole induction, single phase .3/4 HP motor runs at 850 RPM, with a maximum flow rate of 380 GPH for a smooth flow for transferring water Cast iron pump body, stainless steel mechanical seal, brass impeller w/ radial peripheral blades, #4 steel iron shaft make for a heavy duty pump that stays put even in windy outdoor conditions Single phase motor is thermally protected against overloads using a thermal device (overload cutout) fitted in the winding Ideal for ponds, pools, sprinkling systems, flow irrigation systems, gardening, rain barrels, large aquariums, use in agriculture settings, shallow and deep water wells
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Diesel Caulking Gun
964.9 964.9 964.9000000000001 GYD
Rod retracts after each pull of the trigger to help prevent dripping
Smooth pressure rod requires less force and is quieter than a ratchet-style pressure rod
Handle and trigger are padded for comfort
Pressure is automatically released after each squeeze to stop excess dripping and keep things clean.
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Diesel Tools 6Pcs Screwdriver set
877.0 877.0 877.0 GYD
Diesel Tools 6Pcs Screwdriver set
tip that firmly grips screws to reduce Cam-Out
Useful for quick and slip less turning
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Smart Tools 100A Welder 120V AC
28,070.0 28,070.0 28070.0 GYD
The ARC-100D is a great stick Welder to have around the house. It operates on a standard 120 Volt household current and has a welding range of 49 - 100 Amp that is easy to operate with 2-stage switch for simple amperage control. With a 10% at 70 Amp rated duty cycle the ARC-100D is equipped with Thermal Overload Protection for long life and dependable use. Product includes: 6 ft. electrode holder, work lead and clamp, brush and hammer, and a hand-held face shield. Number of phases: 1. Electrodes: 1/16 - 3/32. Limited 3 Year Nationwide Warranty. Dimensions: 10.1 in. x 4.5 in. x 7.3 in. Weight 15.5 lbs. Easy to operate with two-stage switch for simple amperage control Thermal Overload Protection for long life and dependable use Operates on standard 120-Volt household outlet 100 Amp output enough for 1/16 in., 5/64 in. and 3/32 in. dia. general purpose mild steel electrodes Includes hammer, brush, handheld face shield, 6 ft. electrode holder and ground clamp with 3 ft. lead
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Century Electric 120 Volt Welder
58,772.0 58,772.0 58772.0 GYD
Electric Century Inverter Arc 120 Stick Welder, 10-90 Amps, 120V Portable 120V stick welder is compact and has 10 to 90 amp output that supports mild steel stick electrode diameters from 1/16" to 5/64" Smooth arc provides strong welds on 18 gauge sheet metal to 1/4" steel 20% duty cycle at 70 amps allows welder to run 2 minutes out of each 10-minute period without overheating Exact temperature setting for consistent welds Comes with shoulder strap, work cable, electrode holder, work clamp, and input cable with attached plug
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300MM Implus Sealer
7,017.5 7,017.5 7017.5 GYD
Seal bags using the 300MM AC110V Bag sealer.
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Diesel Tools 1/2 HP Water Pump
5,263.2 5,263.2 5263.200000000001 GYD
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Acrylic A.B Adhesive Glue
272.0 272.0 272.0 GYD
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Diesel Tools 13 Piece Twist Drill
342.0 342.0 342.0 GYD
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Diesel Tools 12 Piece Twist Drill
649.0 649.0 649.0 GYD
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Silicon Sealant White
241.2 241.2 241.20000000000002 GYD
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Silicon Sealant Black
241.2 241.2 241.20000000000002 GYD
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